Freddy Fumple


Book cover (digital)

Freddy Fumple and the Mind Monsters is a fantasy novel for children and preteens by norwegian author Vegard Svingen. Freddy Fumple is a pensive boy who ponders a particular question: “How far is infinity?” After moving out in the country, he finds he can see things others can´t, and discovers a world beyond his wildest dreams. Of course all is not well in wonderland, and Freddy will have to figure out have to deal with the terrifying mindmonsters. At the same time he´s trying to help Jonathan, a confused ghost which has been poltergeisting Freddy´s room and needs to find his way to “the other side”. The feisty woodnymph Mili turns out to be very helpful.

The book is published in both english and norwegian. The norwegian title is “Fredrik Fompel og Tankemonstrene”.

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